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Quintessentially Eccentric

I was 16 when  I picked up my first Military jacket from a market stall in Durham. It was bright red, with shamrocks on the collar and elaborate sleeves and back. After that came my black dress jacket, a commanders in the artillery division. Ever since I have picked up Military jackets from market stalls and bootsales, as well as swords and weaponry, simply because I love the sleek  tailored design. My red jacket now hangs by my bed, alongside a replica of a sword used during the English Civil War.

A couple of months ago, I decided to give some of my purchases a make over, those that were somewhat sentimental I kept. I was surprised by what I was able to produce, but I feel they are beautiful, effective pieces of work. You can view more of my designs on my Facebook page @ https://www.facebook.com/QuintessentiallyEccentric

Here’s one of…

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Quote For Today

“The bottom line about success in life isn’t whether you are financially successful, but whether you have given of yourself in some way to help others less fortunate than you and to serve your community and your country ” P Anothy Ridder :Wisdom for a Young CEO

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Interesting Fact!

Me, John Lennon and David Cameron all have one  thing in common, we all share the same birthdate!

October 9th!

We are all Libras’, however two of us (myself and John Lennon) were also both born in the Chinese year of the Dragon, 2012 also happens to be the Chinese Year of the Dragon.

I wonder if somebody great will be born this year, October 9th 2012?

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Quintessentially Eccentric

I’ve been really busy recently! I have a beautiful selection of clothing and bags made from recycled materials, which I’m getting professionally photographed shortly for your  viewing pleasure! Please visit my new blog to keep up to date with my work at :

Quintessentially Eccentric

What inspires me ?

  1. individualism
  2. German Expressionist Artist
  3. Hiking
  4. Military Uniforms
  5. The Far East
  6. Indian Materials
  7. Fair Trade
  8. Summer
  9. Antique Lace
  10. Classic Vintage Clothing
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Recycled Vintage Sideboard

A few years ago I became inspired by the idea of recreating vintage furniture,  If I’d jumped on board at the time and started upcycling furniture could have had an established furniture business by now. I however, didn’t, I concentrated on my University studys and left with a 2:1 degree,  having rarely received a mark in any of my modules lower than this.

I finished University, and started looking for work, what I should have done, was dedicated myself to starting my own business, but I didn’t, untill this year, when I finally felt, enough was enough. So here I am, starting to bring everything today, and I want to share with you my first piece of upcycled furniture, what used to be my Grandfathers sisters sideboard. I didn’t mange to take a before photo, however I actually managed to find the exact same design and make in a charity shop a few months ago, out of sheer luck, so I bought it! (Pictured below) I now use it to file away all of my paperwork, materials, and use the top as a book shelf, with two vintage singers as book ends.

My original idea, was to sand the entire sideboard down, and re-paint it duck egg blue! I did sand it down, and I removed the doors for ease of painting, and decided to do these first. I decided that I would make the  painting very free-flowing, like my paintings (Fine Artist) and if I didn’t like it, I could always paint over ! I didn’t start with a plan, I just painted what came to mind at the time. What I ended up with, was a beautiful expressive painting in gold leaf picturing the journey of dragons, leaving their castle, flying over the mountains, to set alight the village on the other side. Perhaps the design may not be as quaint as you may have originally thought!

Whilst I was checking them against the sideboard to see how they “flowed” together, I realised that I really loved the painted doors and the bare wood combination, and decided not to paint the entire sideboard.

I’m inspired a lot by the far east, and have always had a love of the fantasy genre, which I feel really shows in this upcycled vintage sideboard.

Sarah Louise Brnadon

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I’ve just updated my latest blog with a Vintage Scarf Recycling Project! Please go over and have a look! 🙂

Quintessentially Eccentric

Last year I picked up half a dozen vintage scarves at a thrift shop,with the intention of using them in a craft recycling project, a few of those scarves were silk and silk-like, decorated with beautiful patterns!

It felt such a shame to waste them , especially considering not many women these days actually wear scarves anymore.

So I decided to see what I could make with them, one of them failed miserably,I suppose you could consider that a “practice piece”, but the ones I feel that have been successful, are using the scarf as a lining for a bag, and for creating the skirt of a dress. I’ve decided to do a separate blog entry on the bag, as it has so many unique and funky features I didn’t feel I could do it justice at the moment!

I really love the dress, the clashing prints and colours, the…

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My Work Area

I thought, since I’ve been promising for a long time on my various blogs, that I would show you a few photographs of my work area! So here we go…

The most important part in any home or office! The books!! (and magazines) Cleverly stored between two vintage singers  on top of my beautiful sideboard I use to store my materials and files!

Followed by my antique writing desk I use for my laptop and to store stationary and important letters!  Not to mention my charity store find! A 1940s’ chair I picked up for £10, very comfortable!

Then of course, last but not least, my sewing desk, which I am afraid is looking a little bit messy as I haven’t bothered to clean it up today!

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